Linsanity-Related Things that Amuse Me

Funniest Tweets:

Kevin A. Koski @kevinkoski
If Jeremy Lin dunked on Lebron in a Yankees cap, and then celebrated by Tebowing in front of Brett Favre, would ESPN explode?

Mike Bresnahan @Mike_Bresnahan
Metta World Peace just stormed out of the Laker players’ lounge screaming, “Linsanity, Linsanity!”
(After Lin hit the game winning three vs. Raptors.)

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton
With Jeremy Lin the Knicks obviously have #Linsanity. With MettaWorld Peace, the Lakers unfortunately just have plain old insanity.

Coolest Tweet:

Steve Nash @SteveNash
Its crazy! I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. Hope I never grow up.

Favorite Linsanity Music Parodies:

Jimmy Fallon does Pearl Jam tribute to Jermy Linsanity

Lin on Me

All I do is Lin Lin Lin


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