Linsanity by the Numbers


The Jeremy Lin phenomenon: ‘Linsanity’ by the numbers

After leading the Knicks to their seventh straight victory, the 23-year-old, Harvard-educated sensation’s name alone is worth $14 million — and counting

POSTED ON FEBRUARY 16, 2012, AT 12:15 PM

The Week

Consecutive games won by the Knicks since Lin came out of nowhere to lead the team

Points scored by Lin in his first five starts, the most by any player since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976

Lin’s points-per-game average for the first six games in the Knicks’ winning streak, an “eye-popping” figure, says Ian Begley at ESPN. Lin scored just 10 points during Wednesday’s win against the Kings, but “his 13 assists prove he can run the Knicks’ offense.”

Turnovers Lin committed in his first five NBA starts — also a record. This is only “a minor linterruption to Linsanity,” says Juliet Spies-Gans at The Harvard Crimson.

Top price for a ticket to Friday’s Knicks game against the New Orleans Hornets at Madison Square Garden, according to

Minimum price for a ticket to Friday’s game, according Before Lin’s streak began, a ticket “could be had for as low as $47 on Craigslist,” says Alison Bowen at Metro.

Surge in TV ratings, in percent, for Knicks games since “Linsanity” began

$50 million
Amount Lin is expected to boost the Knicks’ revenue by next season

$14 million
Value of Lin’s name as a brand, according to Forbes — a number that is climbing

Twitter followers Lin has on his @JLin7 account

Twitter followers he had on February 1

Twitter followers he picked up Tuesday night, following his last-second three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors, a tie-breaking shot that won the game for the Knicks

Followers Lin has picked up on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter

Consecutive days that Lin has appeared on the front or back cover (or both) of the New York Post, typically with a headline like “Lincredible!” or “May the best man Lin”

Percent increase in searches for the Knicks on Google in the last week. “About half of the increase has come from Taiwan,” says Roger Yu and Michael McCarthy at USA Today.

Percent increase in traffic to and from Feb. 5 to Feb. 12, the highest weekly increase ever

Search terms related to Jeremy Lin — “knicks,” “new york knicks,” and “lin” — in the Top 20 of Google Trends on Thursday morning. OnWednesday morning, those three search terms were all in the Top 10.

Cost of a Lin autograph on eBay. Before his surge in popularity, the typical price was $29.

Pieces of merchandise that sporting goods retailer Modell’s has ordered for its flagship store in Times Square with “Lin” or “Linsanity” written on them


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