Bold and Specific NBA/Knicks Predictions

Knicks will win Sunday’s game against the Bulls and most likely Tuesday’s game as well. I’m more confident about the Knicks winning Sunday’s game, because it will be the first game that Rose comes back. I think he’s going to be rusty and the team will have some trouble adjusting to him in the lineup again. So that’s why I think we’ll win that game. Winning Tuesday’s game is just a little wishful thinking, but you never know. Put it this way, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they win both games, whereas I think most people would be shocked if they did.

I actually think the Knicks match up pretty well against the Bulls so I wouldn’t mind Knicks playing Bulls in the Playoffs. I’m not scared of Rose at all. I think the real MVP of the Bulls is Noah, not Rose. Noah is the guy who does all the things that wins games: offensive rebounds, defense, hustling for loose balls and doing all the dirty work. That’s why the Bulls have been able to win without Rose. Without Noah, they don’t have a chance, in my opinion. The problem is, I think the Knicks will finish the season in the number 7th or 6th spot, depending on how fast Orlando falls on account of the Van Gundy/Howard Matzah Ball. Orlando’s only saving grace is their easy schedule leading into the playoffs, otherwise I would say that they’ll finish in the 8th spot. I think Sixers or Milwaukie will finish in the 8th spot. I actually favor Milwaukie over Sixers at this point to make the playoffs.

Jeremy Lin will come back for the first round of the playoffs and the Knicks will win the East. They’ll lose the first game of the playoffs, because Jeremy will be rusty coming back and the chemistry won’t be there. But they’ll pull it together and win the East. I don’t know how they match up against the Thunder, since I’ve never seen them play against the Thunder. And I think Spurs are a tough match up for them. So no prediction beyond them winning the East. You might think I’m crazy, but the Knicks have a lot of talent, so their record isn’t representative of their capability. And the East is pretty weak in my opinion, so I think they can beat any team in the East. The only team that is a tough match up for them in the East is Miami. But you can always count on Lebron to choke in the Playoffs. Also, with Woodson, they finally have the chemistry that was lacking all season under D’Antoni, who I consider one of the worst coaches for a number of reasons, but foremost, cause he doesn’t appreciate or understand the psychology of the game and its importance. Woodson does. So Knicks take the East. One caveat: my prediction is highly dependent on Chandler being healthy. In my opinion, Chandler is the MVP of the Knicks. So if he’s injured, the Knicks won’t have a chance in the playoffs. Chandler is the key to our defense and he’s also the leader on and off the court. So no Chandler, all of what I wrote goes out the window.


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