Happy to see Douglas finally getting minutes

My only complaint about Woodson, so far, is that he seems to be way too fond of Baron Davis. I think Baron Davis hurts the Knicks more than he helps the Knicks. He’s too beaten up to do any good. I think he’s just living on his reputation and that’s why Woodson plays him way more than he should. He rarely makes any plays and doesn’t really act as a point guard. I think his decision making is terrible and takes poor shots. He can’t even make wide open shots, so I don’t know why he takes shots that he has no business of making.  So if he’s going to just shoot the ball and not make plays, then why just not have a bunch of shooters out there with Anthony so he can dish it out to a wide open shooter when he gets double-teamed. Without Lin, we don’t need to play the point guard game. So we don’t really need Baron out there. He hurts us because he can’t do what Lin does and on top of that he can’t shoot. That’s why I prefer Toney Douglass, because he can shoot. And he is 100% healthy, so he can do all the other things Baron can’t do, like defend and quite simply, run. Baron can’t even chase after balls. I think Baron should be limited to 10 minutes a game and coach should play Toney Douglass a lot more than Baron Davis. But I wouldn’t mind it if Woodson just has shooters out there with Melo and forego the Point Guard position. There area plenty of guys on the team who deserve minutes. No need to play Baron, who is not healthy enough to do much of anything. I hope Woodson is smart enough to recognize this. Sure, Baron has his moments of greatness, but they are only moments. That’s why he should only be limited to 10 minutes a game so he can play full out during the times that he’s out there and give the team some of his former greatness.


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