Woodson thinks like me

I thought we’d be able to beat the Bulls more handedly on Sunday. But I’ll take it. It was an incredible effort by Melo and, of course, Chandler and Shumpert’s defense was huge. What I was really impressed by was that Woodson didn’t have a point guard in most of the second half, benching Davis early in the 3rd. He saw what I’ve been seeing without Lin out there and went with a lineup without a point guard. Without Lin, there’s no need for a point guard, since the point guards we have aren’t acting like point guards anyway. It didn’t work out as well on Sunday’s game with the Bulls, since our shooters (i.e., Smith, Novak) were cold. But it’s the right move. Once again, Woodson makes the right adjustments. D’Antoni would not have had the creativity and a feel for the game to explore a lineup without a point guard.

Also, in the game against the Bulls he was about to send Novak into the lineup with a little over 3 minutes left to go in the fourth quarter. I had been wanting him to substitute Novak in for Smith, since Smith was cold and took too many poor shots. Bur then Smith hit a three to bring the deficit down to seven. And right when Smith hit the three, I wanted the coach to keep Smith in and he did just that. He told Novak to sit back on the bench. It’s incredible how in synch I am with this coach. With D’Antoni on the other hand, he did nearly everything exactly the opposite of what I wanted him to do. He would call time outs a few critical plays too late. He would make the exact wrong substitution. I’m just so glad that Woodson is the coach.


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