Hope to see Bibby get some major minutes again tonight

I was glad to see Bibby in the starting line up against Jersey. I’m hoping he will get major minutes tonight against the Cavs. Without Lin, I prefer Bibby to Davis. The problem with Davis is that he’s still trying to play like he used to. So he takes shots that he has no business of taking and makes “hero” passes that get stolen. Bibby plays more conservatively, because he knows he’s no longer the player he used to be. Without Lin, we just need the point guards to pass the ball around the perimeter, do a few pick and rolls and dish it to most of the time Melo. No need to do anything fancy. That’s what Bibby does. Baron Davis is still trying to play hero ball. He made so many costly mistakes against Boston. Good thing we had a comfortable lead. He could have cost us the game! I even prefer Douglas over Davis, because at least Douglas can shoot the ball.


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