I hope Knicks aren’t throwing games to get the 8th seed

I’m normally not into conspiracy theories, but didn’t it seem like the guys on the bench were much too happy in the fourth quarter when they were losing to the Cavs tonight? In particular, Melo and even Chandler seemed way too happy on the bench in the 4th quarter. They were all smiles. It was a little suspicious. So part of me does think they’re trying to drop to the 8th seed to play the Bulls. I don’t know how many people within the organization may be in on this. Maybe it’s just a few players. Who knows.

Normally, I’d be fine with this strategy, since I like the Knicks/Bulls match up better than Knicks/Heat. But the problem is, I think Miami will finish the season in the top spot, not the Bulls. So Knicks better not be trying to drop to the 8th position. Here’s a detailed breakdown of why I think the Heat will finish in the top spot: https://jeremylintelligence.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/prediction-knicks-will-face-bulls-most-likely-or-pacers-in-the-playoffs/

I hope I’m wrong about the Knicks trying to throw the game. Maybe the real reason why they lacked energy in the game is that they found out that they clinched a spot in the playoffs and finally felt like they could exhale a little. They have been playing very intensely for the past month, fighting for a playoff spot, so maybe they just felt like they could finally take a breather. If that’s the case, I guess I can’t blame them.


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