Poor offense lost Game 3, once again. Woodson is to blame.

The guys played hard in game 3 with a lot of energy–especially Smith. So can’t fault them. Just didn’t have enough bodies and Woodson did a poor job of managing minutes. Guys were dead tired by fourth quarter–especially Melo. Woodson has a big problem with not trusting young guys. Like in Game 1, I have no idea why he played Chandler. Chandler was completely out of it on account of the flu. Should have trusted Harrelson/Jeffries to fill the load.

I like Woodson, but he has no game plan offensively. In all three games, we looked terrible offensively and in yesterday’s game we looked probably the worst. The only reason it was close until the 4th is because our defense and high energy kept us in the game. And the only reason it was close in Game 2 is that we hit very tough shots. Every possession has been a struggle for us, because our offense is ridiculously easy to guard. We have poor spacing, guys don’t move without the ball and we don’t swing the ball side-to-side and in-and-out. The simplest fix is to have guys move around without the ball. I just see one guy dribbling and everyone else just stands around in their spots and watches. I think players aren’t moving, because they don’t know where they’re supposed to be moving to, because we don’t have offensive sets that we run. But I think they should just tell players to move around and get open and not worry too much about where they should be on the court. Moving around randomly is way better than being stagnant. If you don’t have a good offensive plan, then why not just tell your guys to move around and get to open places? It’s so obvious to me.

Woodson just doesn’t have it offensively. But the main issue is that we’re just simply out-manned. So many key players are injured or are not 100% during this series. Chandler wasn’t 100% until the last game. That’s why our defense was so good in the last game. If the Knicks beat the Heat with the lineup we currently have, I’d be totally pissed if I was Heat management.

Who knows? Maybe we can get a game and they bring Lin (and Stat) back in game 5 for some new energy (Melo and Stat can coexist only with Lin (or a good point guard) on the floor with them). And then if Lin comes back and helps the Knicks do the impossible, then I think every Knicks fan has to convert to Christianity, because that would definitely be a sign!


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