How the Bi-Polar Knicks can Pull off the Impossible

The Knicks have had the most roller-coaster season of high highs and low lows. This makes them probably one of the most interesting teams to follow in the NBA this season. So if this Bi-Polar nature of the Knicks continues into the playoffs, then can we expect the Knicks to pull off the impossible and win four straight against the Heat?

The Knicks ended the season on a high note. It seemed like everything was finally coming together. The chemistry was high, Melo finally got his offensive rhythm back in a big way and Stat was back. But once the playoffs started, the wheels fell off in a big way. Chandler came down with a bad case of the flu out of nowhere, Shump tore his ACL out of nowhere and Stat had a freak accident after expressing his frustration after losing Game 2. It doesn’t get any lower than this. So does this mean that it’s time for things to turn around in a big way for the Knicks? It seems as if the stage could be set for that. And if any team could pull off the impossible and win the series after being down 0-3 it would be this Bi-Polar Knicks team.

Here’s how I think the impossible can happen. I’m not saying this is likely, but I’m not ruling it out either. You can call it wishful thinking if you like. But judging from the Bi-Polar nature of the Knicks this season it wouldn’t surprise me. I mean it wouldn’t be crazy for the Knicks to win Game 4. Their backs are against the wall and maybe the Heat may get a little complacent. Also, sweeping a team in the playoffs isn’t an easy task. So I think the Knicks can pull off a win in Game 4 just to save face. So lets say they win Game 4. In Game 5, Lin returns, along with Stat. When this happens, the Heat will be facing a drastically different Knicks team. The only concern I have is that Lin will probably be rusty coming back after being away for so long. But if he shakes off his rust, he is the key missing component. With Lin on the floor, Melo and Stat can co-exist. That’s the key thing that some people miss when they point to stats that show Melo and Stat can’t co-exist. The only stat that I think matters is the 6-1 record the Knicks had when Woodson took over with Stat and Lin on the court. The Knicks weren’t just winning games, they were blowing teams out.

The main reason why the Knicks have been losing during this series (aside from just simply being out-manned due to so many of our key guys being out or not 100%,) is that our offense has been extremely stagnant. With Lin on the floor, we’ll have better ball movement and guys will also be more motivated to move without the ball. Both of these things have been completely absent during this series so far and we looked especially bad offensively in Game 3. So if Lin brings back some movement in our offense, as well as new energy, then the Heat are facing a completely different team. It’ll be our big four (Melo, Chandler, Stat, Lin) against their big three and our deep bench (minus Shump) versus their less impressive bench. This is why I think this Bi-Polar Knicks team is the perfect team to do the impossible and come back from 0-3 down, because we’re two different teams. The team that went down 0-3 won’t be the team the Heat face in Game 5 and on (if we win game 4 and Stat and Lin come back to play in game 5). I’m not saying it’s likely or even probable. But I’m just saying that the proper ingredients are there for the impossible to happen. And the impossible is the identity of Jeremy Lin, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

So lets just take it a game at a time. Focus on winning game 4 then we could be facing a completely new series game 5 and on.


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