It’s a miracle! Knicks Let Lin Leave.

Since the end of the season, I’ve been making a case on this blog that staying with the Knicks will hold Jeremy Lin back (see previous posts). So I’ve been very excited about the news that the Knicks have finally decided to let Lin go. I think Jeremy Lin’s God must have something to do with it, because nobody ever expected this to happen. It seems like everything about this kid is unexpected. Right now, Houston is still a team that’s in flux at the moment, but it appears that Lin won’t be facing any of the issues that would plague him had he stayed with the Knicks.

From the articles that I’ve been reading today about this big news, it’s pretty clear to me that Rockets management wanted Lin a lot more than the Knicks did. I think Rockets management have a genuine appreciation for Lin’s talents on the court, as well as his work ethic and everything he stands for–not just for his marketing assets. I can’t say the same for the Knicks organization. So I’m glad he’s at a place where he’s really wanted.

We’ll see what the Rockets team ends up looking like, but I’m very optimistic that Lin will have a great season (as long as he stays healthy). I’m sure he’s working hard this off season on every aspect of his game. He’ll need it, because you know he’s going to be a target this upcoming season–perhaps even more so than during Linsanity.

Here are some articles that I enjoyed reading:

Here’s an over-the-top reaction to Knicks not matching Lin’s offer by Lin’s number 1 Fan:


5 thoughts on “It’s a miracle! Knicks Let Lin Leave.

  1. It’s no miracle that the Knicks let Jeremy Lin go if they are secret members of the Flat Earth Society. But then again,…
    Ok, it’s a miracle.
    I have to start believing in God again…

  2. Philosopher: I’m sure you’ve been following JL lately. He recently talked about miracles in Taiwan:

    Little did he know that Knicks letting him leave was a miracle too!

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