Notable Post-Linsanity 1.0 Stuff

Jeremy Lin has had an active summer. I just wanted to post some fan creations, interviews, etc. that I thought were particularly exceptional. I’m sure you’ve seen all or most of these videos.


Most adorable reaction to Jeremy Lin leaving Knicks. Father: We can still go to Knicks games. Son: Why?


Best birthday tribute video. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to do this video. It was good of Jeremy to acknowledge the video and appreciate the huge amount of effort that went into it.


Most inspirational Jeremy Lin Video. Very well edited. It’s clear this fan put a lot of time into making this video:


Best Jeremy Lin Spoken Word. Well edited. Perfect delivery. Just brilliant.


Good in-depth, revealing interview by Chinese media with Jeremy and his parents.


Good interview with Jeremy Lin’s shooting coach Doc Scheppler. Seems like a great guy and provides a lot of encouragement about Jeremy Lin’s progress as a shooter. Says that Jeremy’s worst shooting day this summer at practice is better than his best shooting day last summer.


Best video released by Jeremy Lin.


And if you wanted a play-by-play update of Jeremy Lin’s summer vacation, then check out this blog by Lin’s biggest fan-girl:


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