Rockets Beat Jazz: Another Great Team Win

Both teams played well tonight–especially offensively. Rockets moved the ball very well, tonight–as well as they have all season. That’s how they shot 55.4% from the field and 50% from 3-point. It’s a great sign to see that they’re continuing to move the ball well, with the exception of the OKC game, which I basically didn’t count. The OKC game was what it was, considering the circumstances. It was as expected, so I’m not too worried about it. Just glad to see them bounce back and continue to improve.

The Rockets played nine players tonight and all but two players (Douglas had 8 points and Morris had zero points) were in double figures in scoring. Four players–all but one starter–scored around 20 (Patterson, 20; Lin, 19; Parsons, 19; Harden 18).ย I don’t think I’ve ever seen this type of distribution. It was a fun game to watch and a great win for the Rockets. Rockets really needed this win, since the Jazz embarrassed them in Utah and they needed a bounce back game from OKC. Harden had a bit of a slow start. I wonder if the OKC game is messing with him a little. We’ll see how he does in the next few games. Lin had his best game of the season. He was aggressive (although still too unnecessarily passive in the first half) and made several Linsanity drives to the basket. He also looked the most explosive I’ve seen him all season in terms of beating his man one-on-one consistently. It was the first time this season that he scored consecutive points (on two consecutive drives in the fourth quarter when the Rockets really needed the points), I believe. He could have had even more points had he converted a few at the rim (still not finishing like he did during Linsanity). But it’s great to see Lin building on his confidence that he found in the blow out of the Knicks. Hopefully, he starts being more and more aggressive. Lin’s teammates still need to do a better job of finding him after he gives up the ball. Lin called for the ball several times when he was wide open and his teammates either didn’t see him or looked him off. I think once Lin starts making shots consistently, his teammates will give him the ball more after he gives it up. Lin’s shot is looking better and better, though. He went 8 of 14 today and today was one of the few times that Lin attempted double-digit field goals since his recent struggles.

Rockets need to do more in-and-outs. They hardly do any. Patterson, in particular, needs to do a better job of passing the ball out when he doesn’t have an easy shot, because when Lin passes the ball in to him, Lin’s defender goes to help on Patterson and Lin’s often wide open. We also need to do more give-and-goes. There was a very nice one between Delfino and Patterson. I don’t know why teams don’t do more of that. It’s tough to defend.

Today’s game is probably the first game that the Rockets didn’t rely too much on Harden and it was great to see. I’m glad to see that others ares stepping up and are not being overshadowed too much by Harden.ย Patterson is continuing to do very well and he’s knocking down shots. He also had two key consecutive blocks int he fourth quarter when the Jazz were trying to close the lead.

I wasn’t sure if Parsons was going to play, but was glad to see him out there–Sampson should have rested him more, though. Sampson plays Parsons and Harden way too much. He needs to do a much better job of monitoring their minutes. I think Sampson doesn’t the poorest job of managing Parsons’s minutes. He had another very solid game tonight. Pretty much all Rockets players had solid games tonight. Asik 5 of 5 field goal, 4 of 5 from the line, 3 blocks. Asik keeps getting better and better offensively. Smith also had a great game off the bench. I knew nothing about Smith before this season, but I’ve been a fan of his since pre-season. I’m glad to see Sampson trusting Smith. Hope McHale continues to play Smith when McHale returns. On a similar note, I’m disappointed that Jones was sent to the D-League. I guess they just would prefer him to play, rather than sit him on the bench. But Jones is a future star in my eyes. Just needs to get some more playing time, but I guess it’s hard to find him playing time since the Rockets are using Morris as a Power Forward. I was very impressed with Delfino tonight. He showed no rust after coming back from injury. Delfino was a big factor tonight, I thought. He came into the game in the 2nd quarter and gave the Rockets a lot of energy. There was a noticeable difference in the energy level of the Rockets before and after Delfino came into the game. Overall, another great team win.


13 thoughts on “Rockets Beat Jazz: Another Great Team Win

  1. Teamwork is key, for sure. Makes it so hard on opponents when they have to worry about more than one or two guys. Teamwork is also a lot of fun to watch as a fan.

  2. Thanks for your game analysis, Philosopher.
    I was only able to catch the last 8-9 minutes of the game, ample time to witness Lin’s soccer move. I was amused to hear the Jazz commentators debating whether or not Linsanity was back and to hear them scream “Lin taking over” after Lin drove to the basket and scored with less than two minutes left in the game.
    I think everyone, Lin’s haters included, is dying to witness the second coming of Linsanity. It will happen when Lin starts sinking those 3-pointers.
    With D’Antoni and the Lakers coming to town on Tuesday, the plot for Linsanity 2.0 thickens… Hopefully I can get ticket for this game.

    • Too bad you weren’t at that game, but at least you caught the Linsanity with the back-to-back drives. I thin this game is the first time we got a glimpse of some Linsanity. Lin did get away with a kicked ball and an obvious walk on the breakaway dish from Chandler. Guess Lin was moving too fast for the refs to catch it.

  3. OK, got a ticket to the Lakers game tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, Philosopher, Lin was just too fast for the refs to catch anything.
    Funny how the Jazz press and fans don’t complaint much about Lin’s fancy footwork though.

      • Thanks, CH! I was there screaming my lungs out just to annoy the heck out of those Lakers fans sitting in front of me and behind me!

        “Hack-a-Howard, Hack-a-Howard…”


    • That must have been some game to be at in the end, MrPingPong! We should have been hacking Howard late in the third quarter, also.

      • Yeah, I had so much fun. Oddly enough, though the Lakers were leading all the way until the last two minutes, I had the delusional sense that the Rockets could turn things around and win. And they did! Here is how I rationalized my “optimism” during the course of the game.

        End of first quarter: Lakers ahead by 8. Big deal!

        End of first half: Lakers were shooting near 55% while the Rockets were shooting below 30%, yet Lakers only lead by 13. Lakers could have blown the game wide open, but they didn’t. Rockets were hanging in there tough, playing their hearts out. It’s Rocky vs Apollo Creed.

        End of 3rd quarter: the lead was cut down to 10. Rockets were playing very disciplined basketball: surprising for such a young and inexperienced team. When Lin was taken out of action because of foul trouble, I said to myself, “Oh s..t, there goes Linsanity!”. But the GOB had a different script for Linsanity 2.0: the TD version.

        Fourth quarter: the crowd was getting into it, Rockets kept chipping the lead away, Lakers were getting tired and then Greg Smith: Linsanity 3.0? The Lakers were not planning on TD scoring touchdowns and Greg Smith beating out Howard inside the paint! Close basketball games are won in the last two minutes. Time for Hack-a-Howard, and it worked!

        Ha, ha! Sweet!


      • Interesting how when you abbreviate the phrase “God of X” it’s always just one letter away from spelling “God”. Okay. Not that interesting.

        Yep, the Lakers game was also another form of Linsanity–especially for Greg Smith. Another undrafted youngster coming out of the D-League and completely owning the Dwightmare–at least for one quarter.

      • Ha, “God of X”, I like you keen sense of observation, Philosopher!

        OK, here, y’all can hear me in the background…

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