Crazy win over Lakers: Rockets steal a game from Kobe/Dwightmare

Strange night. First, the Wizards beat the Heat, doubling their number of wins for the season and then the Rockets bench came back from being down the entire game (save 2 and 1/2 minute left to go) to beat the Lakers! I mean, how do you win a game shooting 37.6% from the field and 20.6% from 3-point (7 of 34)?! I have no idea, but somehow the Rockets got it done with Smith, Douglas and Delfino.

Personally, this is a great win for me, because I’ve wanted Β the Lakers to fail ever since they got Dwightmare and Nash, because I’m anti the idea of just getting a bunch of big names together solely because you think a bunch of big names will win games for you. (It makes it that much sweeter that Kobe and Dwightmare lost to the Rocket’s bench–even though Kobe scored 39 points.)Β I know Nash hasn’t played much at all in a Lakers uniform, but I just don’t think Nash belongs with the Lakers. I was shocked that he decided to go to LA. I thought he’d stay in Phoenix. He’s not good with big names who demand the ball, since he needs to be the one running the offense (much like Lin). And I think bringing D’Antoni in was also a terrible mistake for the Lakers. D’Antoni is just not a good coach of superstars. He can’t command their attention. I think he’s too laissez faire and tends to get run over by superstars and his offense doesn’t fit superstars, since superstars favor iso-offense. He’s better at coaching more or less no name players, who are more in favor of an egalitarian offense. Anyway, I’m so glad that the Rockets didn’t get the Dwightmare during the off season. So many Rockets fans were hoping to get the Dwightmare. Sure he’s talented as hell, but he’s just a chemistry killer and you don’t want someone with his attitude playing in a place he doesn’t want to be. I hope the Rockets never get the Dwightmare. I’m so much happier with Asik. And now there’s talk about Gasol. I think that would be a terrible mistake to bring Gasol into the Rockets. People just like big names and miss the fact that what’s more important is the make up of the team and the chemistry. Nothing against Gasol, but he doesn’t really provide anything that we don’t already have or that we could potentially have. I think it’s best to let our young guys develop, rather than just bring in a big name and disrupt the chemistry that we’re trying to build. Anyway, sorry for the sidetrack.

What I like about Sampson is that he’s not afraid to experiment. In the post game interview, he said that he would have lived or died with his bench. Early in the game, I had a strong feeling that Douglas was going to have a great game. He got a lot of burn, because Lin got in early foul trouble. I actually thought Lin played fine tonight. He just got into foul trouble. That’s all. But I thought he was continuing to be aggressive, so I’m not too worried about the fact that he didn’t finish out the game. I can tell from the post game interview that it didn’t affect his psyche whatsoever. He looked more thrilled than I’ve seen him all season in the post game interview. He couldn’t even contain his excitement and genuine happiness. I think Lin is feeling good. He has been feeling good since that Knicks game and I thought he played with confidence tonight. His foul troubles was what plagued him. Harden is the one I’m concerned about, now. Ever since the OKC game, Harden hasn’t been the same. He’s forcing things again and not having patience with his offence. He’s becoming a bit of a liability offensively. It seemed like players were looking him off tonight for the first time since he’s been in Houston–and for good reason. He was cold tonight and I thought, of the starters, Harden was the one who most deserved to be riding the pine in the fourth quarter. I think the Rockets would have been better off with Lin/Douglas to close out the game. Β But I’m actually glad that Sampson stuck with Harden, because I think it would have messed with Harden’s confidence and psyche even more if he got stuck on the bench during clutch in tonight’s game. Whereas Lin didn’t mind at all being on the bench and cheering on his teammates. Of course, I wouldn’t feel this way if we had lost the game. I would have complained about Sampson playing Harden instead of Lin. In one of the last possessions when we had a chance to take the lead, Harden took way too long to start the play and once he did, he just dribbled the ball and turned it over. There was no need to wait until the final seconds on that possession to get the play started, since it wasn’t the last possession of the game. He didn’t leave himself enough time to make a play so all he did was just dribble it and force a play, which resulted in a turnover. Luckily, that wasn’t the difference in the game. But Harden does this way too much, where he unnecessarily takes off too much time from the shot clock. I don’t know why coaches don’t talk to him about this. Maybe they agree with his strategy. If so, I guess I’m the one who’s missing something here.

I thought Sampson was also right to keep Delfino and Smith in to close out the game. This is the decision that makes me most proud of Sampson, because Asik had a solid game (as usual) and Parsons has been Mr. Clutch. But early on in the game, Delfino was the only Rockets player I had confidence in, aside from Douglas. He was the only one making shots and he surprised me with how well he defended Kobe. I didn’t know that he was such a good defender. But he did a great job of really shutting Kobe down. And while we’re on the subject, how about the job that Lin did on Kobe one-on-one early in the game when he forced Kobe into a position where Kobe had nowhere to go and nothing to do but hoist up some shot behind the backboard, falling out of bounce? Whenever Lin is stuck with a “mismatch” he actually ends up making the other player pay. He’s done this time and time again with much bigger players, such as Power Forwards. I think it’s because he steps up his defense, knowing it’s a “mismatch”.

I’m very happy about Smith’s performance (career high 21 points). Been a fan of his since preseason. Didn’t know anything about this guy before, but I saw a lot of talent in those preseason games. I’m glad Sampson is getting him some burn. I was dumbfounded when McHale played Aldrich instead of Smith. I hope Smith stays as the backup Center for Asik. Terrence Jones can be just as good if not better at the Power Forward spot. They need to give TJ some burn. He’s a star in the making. These guys are both very dynamic/physical players, who can defend, pull down rebounds and score the ball. I think they’re both complete players. I think Rockets need to experiment with their lineup more. They should try Morris at Small Forward, since Chandler plays way too many minutes and they should use Delfino as a replacement for Harden, since Harden plays way too many minutes, also. Physically, Morris is a Small Forward, not a Power Forward. But supposedly, Morris can take advantage of match ups with Power Forwards, since he can hit from long range. But ever since Morris got knocked down in the Knicks game, Morris has been struggling mightily from the field. So might as well try him at his natural position. This way, we can get our Power Forwards play time. The reason why our bench isn’t deep is that we’re simply not playing our guys. We have plenty of talent, who are just sitting on the bench. D-Mo is another guy that needs some play time. Since we have Smith now at Center, D-Mo can play Power Forward, which is a better position for him. This way, we don’t have to wait for him to bulk up. That’s my biggest complaint about the Rockets organization right now is that they’re not playing enough guys and tiring out their starters. They also got guys in wrong positions in my opinion. They gotta switch things up to better manage minutes of all the players and take advantage of our depth at the Power Forward position. Anyway, apologies for the sidetrack. Probably should have been a separate post. Just got carried away there.

The biggest concern about the Rockets right now is out defense. In the beginning of the season, that was our strength, but it has become a big weakness. The win tonight was huge, because the bench stepped up and maybe that will instill some fire in the bench, which has been weak for the Rockets. I think it’s mainly because, again, the coaching staff is doing a terrible job of managing the minutes of Parsons and Harden and not giving our bench a chance. Hope this win changes things. I doubt that it would, though. But at least it gives the bench guys who are getting minutes some confidence. This win is also great for the locker room. I think when you have a guy like Greg Smith do well, that’s a huge morale boost for the entire team. They’ll need everything they’ve got to face off against the Spurs. If they played the way they did tonight, though, they’re gonna get blown out. So hope their defense is significantly better and hope we go back to moving the ball around. Lin isn’t going to get into foul trouble in the Spurs game, so I think our offense will be fine. It’s our defense that still needs work, but I’m sure the coach staff will drill it into the players every chance they get.


28 thoughts on “Crazy win over Lakers: Rockets steal a game from Kobe/Dwightmare

  1. A come from behind win πŸ™‚
    Most of the time the Lakers are leading.
    JLin is in foul trouble 😦
    Just glad that Douglas stepped up big time for this game.
    And It’s a 6 straight home game win for the Rockets, YES!!!:)

    • Yeah, Lakers had a commanding lead the entire time. Every time the Rockets chipped away at the lead, the Lakers extended the lead even more. Lakers were up by 13 with 10 minutes to go. It wasn’t until close to the 2 min mark that Rockets had their first lead of the game. Incredible come from behind win.

    • No problem. You didn’t miss much. The game, up until the second half of the fourth quarter was painful to watch. The Rockets starting unit looked pretty awful as a whole. That being said, emotionally, it was a thrill to go from “knowing” that we would end our home game winning streak to all of a sudden stealing a game that we had no business of winning. Emotionally, this comeback was almost as great as Linsanity’s Raptors comeback to continue the Linsanity streak. From a difficulty level, though, I think this one was even more surprising, because the Lakers looked so dominant compared to the Rockets last night and the Lakers have Kobe and Dwightmare. And Dwightmare was outplayed by some “no-name” youngster who camped out in the D-League last year.

  2. Thanks for your post-game analysis and other thoughts, Philosopher. Yes, looking at the stats alone, it is hard to see how the Rockets could have won the game. Rockets only bested Lakers in two categories: free throws percentage and turnovers. Rockets won because they did not panic and played disciplined team basketball from start to end: very surprising for such a young and inexperienced team. Perhaps the crowd support helped a bit. It’s another miracle! πŸ™‚

    As the live spectator of the game, I thought Lin played badly, but after watching the game again on tape, I have to agree with the Philosopher that “Lin played fine”. Having said that, let me try to recap what I saw from watching the replay.

    Lin scored the first Rockets’ basket with a lightning drive to the hoop: great move! I think Lin has gotten his explosiveness back.
    Lin missed a wide-open jump shot and a wide open trey: he was completely off! No confidence in his shooting motion! He was doing OK during pregame warm up though. Lin will get his confidence back, I am sure. It’s a long season. The playoff is still months away! πŸ™‚
    Lin made one more shot right under the basket with two defenders hovering on top of him: very good!
    The other four shots that Lin missed were shots he attempted when driving to the basket and had to make last second adjustments due to the threatening presence of Howard. Howard actually blocked Lin’s last attempt.
    Though Lin only made 2 out of 8 attempts, I really like Lin’s aggressive attack of the hoop. I would like to see him do more of that. Linsanity 1.0, remember?

    How did Lin get into foul trouble? The first foul against Duhon within the first few minutes of the game was plain old bad: Lin knew that from the expression on his face. The fourth foul blocking Kobe was an unwise decision on Lin’s part. He was taking an unnecessary risk playing with three fouls at that moment. You only take risk when you are desperate. It was only the 3rd quarter and the Rockets were only behind by around 10 points! Overall, Lin was very active if not aggressive in his defense, and I like that. And, yes, that mismatched defense against Kobe! Here is my video link:

    Lin played fine with his ball control, directing traffic and passing the balls to teammates that were open. The shots did not seem to fall the Rockets that night, at least in the first three quarters! 😦

    Of course, since I am a Lin fan, I’d rather talk about Lin, but TD and Greg Smith! WOW! Linsanity 2.0 is more than just Lin, so it seems!

    Spurs tonight! Can’t wait!

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are on this WEB, Lin fans!

    • You’re welcome MrPingPong. Thanks for your play by play of Lin’s game, as well as the video clip of Lin’s defense on Kobe. In the clip, you can also see Lin scream “Lets go” to get his teammates pumped up to be aggressive on defense. This is something Lin did a lot in NY and it’s the first time I saw him do it with the Rockets. So that’s another great sign that Lin is getting more comfortable and gaining more confidence. So that’s why I’m less concerned about Lin.

      Yep, Lin made some bad foul choices. He also committed fouls trying to help out on defense and it’s always a big gamble to try and draw an offensive foul on Kobe. What I liked about Lin’s game was his confidence. So that’s what made me feel fine with his game. I mean, if he didn’t get into foul troubles, who knows what he could have been able to do stat-wise. He makes a few more shots and suddenly his shooting percentage doesn’t look so awful. When you’re only taking like 8 shots, then the field goal percentage has huge variance, so can’t really look at that as a real indication of how Lin is shooting the ball. But, yeah, his shot is something that he’ll continue to work on. The latest Sports Illustrated article mentions his shooting coach is trying to take some arch out of his shot, since he tends to shoot the ball short. This is unusual, since coaches tend to want players to shoot with more arch. But Lin has too much arch, so a lot of his shots fall short. So I think that’s why Lin has been having difficulty with his shot, because he’s trying to change his shot mid-season. That’s very tough to do. I knew there was something fundamental to Lin’s shooting issues. Now I know what it is. I knew it wasn’t psychological. It turns out that it’s purely mechanical. I think he’s still not comfortable in the mechanical changes to his shots and that’s very understandable. Hopefully, the adjustment is minor and he will be able to get comfortable with it soon. Good to know that Lin shot the ball fine during warm ups.

      I’d be shocked if they beat the Spurs tonight. Shocked! The Spurs are just so well coached. Pop is the GOB. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey, I know the Spurs are good. I am still shocked that they lost to OKC in the Western Conference Final last season.

        The best way for Sampson to counter Pop is to sit the Rockets starting five and let the bench have some burn!


        More seriously though, the Rockets should go in and play like they belong and not scared like they were against the Heat. I will not be shocked if the Rockets win.

        Delusional Lin Fan, I am…

      • With these Rockets, nothing should shock me. I think if Lin can contain Parker, the Rockets have a chance. Also, I’d like to see Terrence Jones out there. Use Greg Smith to sub for Asik and Jones to sub for 2Pat. Try M&M out at the 3 to replace Parsons and see how that goes.

        The dangerous thing with the Spurs is that they got a lot of guys who can play multiple positions, so it’s hard to game plan for them. They could put out any combinations of units out there at any given time.

        We’ll see, the Rockets have shocked me before by blowing out the Knicks. And, of course, the Lakers game was a total shocker.

      • Thanks for the Link. They raise some good points. My reaction is just wait and see. Too early to make any conclusions. I think the sample size of when Lin is on the court without Harden is so tiny that it’s dangerous to draw any conclusions from those stats and Lin’s role still hasn’t been figured out, yet, by the Rockets. Also, there’s also the factor that Lin could develop new aspects to his game.

        I’m not too surprised by the way the Rockets played, but Lin played terribly. He played very passively. One thing I thought about in watching Lin play last night vs. Parker is that Lin last year did a lot of misdirections. But this year, his moves to the basket are pretty straightforward. Last year, he had hesitations moves, spin moves, crossovers, etc. Also, I think another factor of why Lin played so passively is that his teammates aren’t moving around and so when he gets into traffic, he has no open man. So he’s reluctant to drive for fear of turning the ball over.

        The Rockets starting unit played very similar to how they played against the Lakers, except Harden’s shot dropped. There was no ball movement. Each player was trying to take his man one-on-one. Players weren’t moving without the ball. No cutting, no give and goes, etc.

        My theory of why the offense has looked so bad since the Lakers game is that the coaching staff has been purely focused on defense at practice ever since before the Lakers game. So they have forgotten how to play on the offensive end, since they’ve been stressing only defense in practice. So that’s why I wasn’t surprised at how they played last night and that’s why I expected them to lose to the Spurs.

        By the way, the Spurs were amazing, last night. They move the ball so well and their players are constantly moving without the ball. They also trust each other, so they play very unselfishly. Rockets still don’t have that trust. When Lin gives up the ball, he rarely sees it again. Also the Bigs need to do a better job of passing it out. Sometimes, I think basketball is very simple when it comes to the offensive end.. Pass the ball and constantly move without the ball to get open then just play unselfishly.

        Rockets have a very tough stretch of games coming up with very little practice time on the road, so don’t be surprised to see their record suffer.

      • I agree with you that there was no ball movement on the Rockets’ part. The Spurs’ ball movement made me feel dizzzzzy….

        It seems like Lin is over-thinking out there and worries too much about turnovers instead of playing his game. I am afraid it will take another miracle for Lin to crawl out of his slump.

        Anyway, let’s see what the GOB have in store for tonight’s game. For once, the folks are predicting their team will bounce back and win this one.

        Mavs’ fan beware! MrPingPong will be there to annoy the heck out of you.

      • SMH…
        Lin played only 18 minutes and was benched the whole 4th quarter… ??????
        McHale, NBA hall-of-famer and 3-time champion, is an FEP.

        What do you make out of this, Philosopher?

        I’ll post some video later if any of you are still interested.
        Anyway, I already bought ticket for the upcoming Spurs game.

        Let’s go Jeremy Lin!
        There are 63 more games to play!
        Against all odds, young man, let’s go!

      • I didn’t get a chance to see last night’s game. McHale is coaching?! Why did Lin get benched? Also, 18 minutes is the fewest amount of minutes Lin has played pre-Linsanity. That’s crazy.

    • I hear you, carywashington. The way i look at it, no matter what, it’s still up to Lin. Right now, he’s not playing his game and that’s why he’s not putting up good stats and he’s also working on his shot which contributes significantly to his offensive struggles, because the floor opens up more if you’re an aggressive player who can also shoot the ball. Lin might not have control over his role on the team, but he has control over his shooting. But it takes time (a lot of time) to be comfortable with slight adjustments to your shooting. It’s a little crazy that his shooting coach is making adjustments to his shooting mechanics during the season. Usually, adjustments are made in the off season so players have time to get comfortable with it.

      No one knows what the future holds for Lin. He’s still essentially a rookie. So he could face many bumps in the road and still emerge as a great player eventually. There’s so many things that can happen. Forcing him to play off the ball maybe painful now, but it could help eventually make him an even more lethal player. Now, I’m not saying I agree with what the Rockets are doing to Lin, but i’m just saying that good can come out of it. And who knows, Lin could get traded to a team that fits him better, although I think at the moment, Lin’s struggles has to do more with Lin than with the team he’s playing in. It’s hard to be an effective offensive weapon if you can’t shoot the ball because your defender is staying back on you, making it tougher to blow past him. And Lin’s not getting very many screens, which makes things a lot tougher for Lin offensively and makes it even more imperative that he can shoot the ball. Again, with Lin, we may have to think in terms of years, rather than game to game.

      • I agree with you, Philosopher, that it is up to Lin. It is up to him to make his shots. I do not know what Lin is thinking, but I hope he is not thinking he is a rookie. Thinking low of yourself will make you a worse player.

        Anyway, McHale was coaching last night and sat Lin for the whole 4th quarter though Lin played well in the 3rd, in my view. Here’s a Lin highlight to cheer everyone up!

      • I just saw the post game interviews. Lin was clearly not happy about being benched. I think he was a little shocked about being benched and, dare I say, outraged. Of course, he’s not going to express these things to the media, but I can tell Lin was very unhappy about his minutes. Lin does acknowledge that he isn’t playing aggressively enough and not making enough plays, so hopefully that will spur him to play more aggressively. But I think this benching, unlike the LA benching has hurt Lin’s confidence, based on what I saw in the post game interview.

        And from what you’re saying, MrPingPong, I have a feeling that I would have criticized this benching had I seen the game. it sounds like it was a big mistake, just like Lin’s benching in Portland.

    • My issue is where Lin takes his shots. What happened to Lin’s mid range game? It seems, that in HOU, it’s either get a layup or shoot a 3. Lin’s never been good at the 3pt line, why does he shoot so many? Is it because Morey values 3’s/layups more than midrange shots? Is it because of what the defense gives him and therefore, he can only shoot 3’s? I find that hard to believe.

      Also, why the h.ell doesn’t he get screens set for him? Why don’t his big men come over when he asks for them? Is it because our big men suck at setting screens/running the pnr so Lin has to basically beat his man from the 3pt line?

      Yes, I agree that ultimately, it’s up to Lin but that means, he’ll be shooting more 3’s and trying to get more layups…even though opposing teams already game planned to keep Lin out of the paint. That’s the only thing he can really improve on…because from the looks of it, HOU finds more value in those shots than anything else. The only guy taking mid range shots is ppat, rarely do you see anyone else taking shots from midrange.

      If you watch the first quarter of yesterday’s game or even other games where Lin had a little more control of the offense, Harden basically becomes a spot up 3pt shooter…just like Lin, when Harden plays pg. If Lin is a core player, the coaches have to know how to incorporate Lin’s strengths to compliment Harden. The reason why TD is playing so well(besides hitting his 3’s) with Harden is bc, they’re playing him as the defensive SG and Harden the PG. They can’t really do that with Harden/Lin.

      In yesterday’s post game interview, I also thought Lin seemed incredibly unhappy with himself, his role, and getting benched. He was hitting his shots 2/4 (2 were from the 3pt line), only had one TO and got the ball to the open man (even though they missed, ie. Asik) but Mchale STILL BENCHED HIM. He wasn’t even playing poorly. You can respect your coach’s decision and still think he’s a for benching you. He looked so discouraged and confused.

      • Yep, I feel your frustration. I also think that Lin should be doing more than just spotting up for 3’s. I’m not sure what you mean when you say “mid-range”. The convention in basketball is that mid range jumpers, specifically 18-foot jumpers, are the least efficient shot, because they’re almost as tough as shooting threes, but only count as two points. 2Pat is the only one who does these, because he makes them consistently. That’s part of 2Pat’s game. But what I’d like to see Lin develop is not 18-foot jumpers but more of the old school drive up to 5 to 10 feet and pull up a shot. The art of that game is lost in today’s players. Everyone wants to drive hard to the basket or settle for long-range shots. Rarely do you see players consistently drive and pull up for a short jumper. A little fake and fade away shot. Those are very tough to guard. That’s what I want to see Lin develop, but that also hasn’t been part of Lin’s game, although he did more of that during Linsanity. I don’t know why more NBA players don’t do this. Why do they feel the need to go all the way to the hoop in traffic. Why not fake like you’re going to the hoop and then stop short and pull up for an easy 5- or 10-footer. Players used to do that all the time back in the very old days. My guess is that players have stopped doing that, because it doesn’t look cool.

    • @philosopher, yeah, that’s what I meant. how far is the free throw line? I’d say from the basket to the free throw line; Lin could start taking shots between there. Wasn’t he good in those spots last season?

      • I see. Free throw line is 15 feet. We did see Lin pull up for short jumpers more during Linsanity, but it’s wasn’t part of his game. The short jumper has never been part of Lin’s game, but I think he should develop that aspect of his game. Not sure why people close to him and the Rockets coaching staff (who are pretty old school) don’t force him to add that aspect to his game. I think every point guard should add that to their arsenal. It’s a lost art that needs to be revived. Those who revive it in his day and age will have a competitive advantage, because it’s not something that a lot of defenses see much of these days. At least that’s my belief. But if that’s so, then you would see coaches drilling this more, but they aren’t. So I’m probably missing something there. Maybe players are just not comfortable with that game. Don’t know.

  3. I watched the game, and I kept asking myself why …why…why.. ???? Granted I don’t know much about the game as the coaching staff , but he was playing well then they benched him just after one foul? Then again benched him after he assisted TP? And also Asik was benched. Why did they have to do that? It hurted!

      • If we take McHale at his word then Lin’s benching didn’t have anything to do with Lin’s performance. It was more about the fact that McHale felt that the match up was better for Douglas. McHale is actually one of the most honest coaches at interviews. Usually doesn’t hold much back. So I would tend to believe that McHale felt this way, even though it was the wrong decision. Maybe McHale will look back on it and realize that he made a mistake. We’ll see if he does. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Rockets, at some point, experiment with having Lin come off the bench to see how Lin plays coming off the bench without Harden. I think this might be good for Lin, but only if Lin gets to finish the game. Rockets have been very disappointed with the way they’ve been starting games so I think they will experiment and see if taking Lin out of the starting lineup changes anything. So don’t be alarmed if you do see Lin coming off the bench at some point. Rockets are still just experimenting and for whatever reason, justified or not, Lin seems to be the variable that they feel they can move around.

      • Experimenting is fine with me only if the player is not performing well.
        In JLin’s case, wether he is doing okay or not sometimes he still end up driving the bench 😦
        It’s very very obvious that he is doing his best just to show that he deserves to be where he is right now.
        2nd and 4thQ you are benched when in fact you are playing fairly good most of the time, for me that is killing the momentum and most especially the confidence of the player.
        I don’t know if I would be thankful that the Rox came up losers at that time so that at least they will realized they have done something wrong…SMH

      • Yeah, McHale really shot Lin’s confidence with that benching, because I think now Lin is a little confused about what the Rockets want him to do. I think he thought he was playing the way the Rockets want him to play by not being as aggressive and just making the simple plays. We have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes, but I would guess that Lin and McHale have talked about the benching and hopefully it clears things up for Lin and restores some of his confidence. As a Lin fan, I think the loss has to be good in the long run, because at least that may make McHale re-think his decision.

        I think a lot of times when they bench Lin, it’s because they still haven’t figured out how to use both Lin and Harden without hurting Harden’s production. Right now, they’re playing Harden way too many minutes. I think the Rockets coaching staff need to be more open-minded about their rotations and play more guys so they can give Harden and Parsons more rest–especially now when both guys are playing hurt. The coaching staff seems to be oblivious to this. We got a deep bench, but it doesn’t seem like it, because they refuse to play guys like Terrence Jones and D-Mo. It might be too early to tell, but I think the Rockets have the wrong coaching staff in McHale and Sampson for this young team. These coaches don’t instill enough confidence and trust in these young players.

  4. OK, folks, here are some videos for the Mavs game.
    Lin played 6 minutes in the first quarter, and I did not tape much of that. I was saving battery for the second half, not knowing that Lin was to be benched in the fourth.

    1st quarter:

    3rd quarter:


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