Rockets vs. Hornets Game Thread

The Hornets may have a poor record, but they’re a much better team than their record–especially now that they have Eric Gordon back. This is the Hornets team that just came off of a win against the Spurs. It’s going to be  a very tough match up for the Rockets after their starters (Parsons and Harden) played a bunch of minutes last night. Hopefully, the Rockets won’t come out sluggish like they have recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hornets blow us out and Rockets have an off night that their fourth quarter heroics can’t pull them out of. Lin did a great job of containing Vasquez last time, so Vasquez will be out for revenge. Lin will need to play aggressively from the opening tip. We’ll see if Lin can do this. I’ll be watching and commenting below on this post. Feel free to join in on the comments.


110 thoughts on “Rockets vs. Hornets Game Thread

  1. I’m surprised Patterson still hasn’t gotten his starting job back. Maybe McHale likes Patterson’s energy off the bench.

  2. I can’t believe we’re in the lead, because we’re not playing our game so far. Hornets leading the tempo and looking good.

  3. Delfino got robbed on that one. I thought it was a clear offensive foul, even without the replay. Sacrificed his body for nothing.

  4. Now Parson’s with a blown lay up. Probably tired legs by key Rockets players. Been missing a lot of good looks at the basket.

  5. Great on ball d by Lin. Unfortunately, we didn’t come up with the ball. Another missed lay up by Rockets (Morris).

  6. So far, this game is ugly as I expected it would be. I’m just glad that we have a lead. Both teams having difficulty scoring. Looks like it’s gonna be our lowest scoring game for a while.

  7. McHale is still pissed at the bum offensive foul on Lin. That guy was clearly in the restricted area. Didn’t even need to see replay to see that. Players and coaches can’t complain about the refs and I usually don’t complain, because it’s just part of the game. But Lin just seems to keep getting calls against him. It’s ridiculous. Lin only gets the call when it’s so obvious they can’t get away with calling it against Lin. I guess the guy in the restricted area wasn’t obvious enough.

    • Hello Philosopher! I’ll keep you company here.
      Bad officiating so far.
      I read on that the short flight to NO last night was nightmarish for the Rockets. Lin was heard screaming. N kidding!
      Everybody is sluggish tonight.

  8. There’s gotta be a way to hold some of these refs accountable. I mean, players get fined for flopping, why don’t refs get penalized for certain obvious bad calls? I guess it will be really hard to figure out all the criteria around what is considered an obvious bad call. I don’t like to complain about refs too much, because they have a thankless job. But sometimes it’s like they go out of their way to make the wrong call. If it’s obvious to me, watching it from a video feed, it should be obvious to them. There’s just no excuse. The ref was right there on that bum call against LIn. he should have clearly seen the guy in the restricted area. That was an obvious bad call. I wouldn’t complain as much if they make mistakes equally, but it seems like they go out of their way to call things against Lin. Douglas also never gets any calls his way and always gets calls against him every chance the refs get.

  9. Missed most of the 3rd Quarter. Looks like we made a little run. Heard we were up by 11 now lead back to 7. Lets go! Looks like pace is picking up.

  10. Shots not falling. Hornets getting a spark. This is looking dangerous. I’m sure Harden’s checking back in.

  11. Rockets need to settle down. Refocus on defense. Hornets are getting whatever they want right now. We look panicked out there.

  12. Oh well. Looks like our streak ends at 5. This game turned out pretty much exactly how I expected. So not surprised. I would have actually been more surprised if we won this game. Look like it was our game up until the fourth quarter.

  13. Man, I was actually really nervous for Harden on that last free throw. And I rarely get nervous for anything!

  14. Only good thing about this game is Harden kept his 25+ scoring streak going . 14 and counting. Also, Lin did a solid job defensively on Vasquez, again.

  15. Our guys were just tired. Simple as that. Hornets didn’t look as good as I expected them to and Gordon was a non-factor. We were just too tired to keep up in the fourth quarter.

    First time this season we only had 1 player in double-figures. Amazing that Harden still managed to get his 25 points exactly! I wonder if tonight was the lowest scoring night for the Rockets.

    I think tonight’s 4th quarter drought was karma for all the explosive fourth quarters we’ve been having. I think Rockets just got complacent int he fourth quarter, because they got too used to winning in the fourth quarter. I think they thought this game was in the bag at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

      • Yeah. Now that we got it out of the way, I think we’re ready to be explosive again. We should be able to out run the Celtics.

      • Lots of rain and thunderstorms in the Gulf area these last couple of days.
        As long the flight out is smooth and does not scare Lin to death, I think we’ll be OK.
        We gotta play like we belong, and we do belong. Beating Boston in Boston will serve to make a statement to the basketball world: we are for real!

  16. They have not surpassed that 5 game winning streak so far.
    Jlin also took the last shot at 5.5 seconds.
    They must be tired.
    I hope they can bounce back in their next game.

  17. So, like I suggested before, hopefully someone, perhaps Rockets’ reporter, can write about bad officiating on Lin and make it known to Stern. There have been all sorts of statistics and analyses about basketball teams and players, but there’s probably none targeting unfair calls. I really hate to see Lin getting hits game after game without any calls. As everyone could see, in yesterday’s game against the Lakers, Jeremy yelled with excitement after being hit and falling down on the floor because he got the call he wanted.

    • Lin has to find a way to minimise hits and the only way is to expand his game. Right now, he either shoots 3s or drive to the paint. Same with Harden. If only it would be that easy to write about the officiating.

  18. Hello everyone, just trying to make conversation here.
    I missed the Celts game and watched the Sixers game.
    Lin looked gassed and could not buy a basket at the rim.
    One bit of good news is that Lin’s stealing streak is still alive and well.
    Lin seemed to put a lot of effort in limiting his TOs but as a result, regressed on aggressive and creative plays. There has to be a balance somewhere…

    I found this post on Clutchfans that I really like.

    This Torocan seems quite level headed and knowledgeable in my opinion.

    In the mean time, get some rest Rox and beat the Clippers!
    It’s a team effort!

    Have a nice day/evening wherever you are on this WEB!

  19. Just when we thought Jeremy had had his worst games, he hit a lowest shooting percentage in the Sixers game. Though It’s not just Jeremy being inconsistent–the entire team (except Harden) has been shooting poorly in quite a few games, even though they won–but Jeremy will always gets severely scrutinized. Star players like Carmelo or Kobe can shoot poorly at times; however, by shooting more, they seem to always be able to end up with good numbers and don’t get criticized as much. Can they beat the Clippers? I’ll just hope that Jeremy can bounce back–even just a little bit.

  20. I missed the Clippers game and was only able to catch the last three minutes of the Mavs game. Lin is unstoppable whenever he decides to take the game in his own hand, it seems.

    I believe Lin and the Rox have the talents to beat the Pacers tonight. All Lin has to do is drink more of that blue Gatorade, smile a lot and stick out his tongue whenever he makes a shot or dishes out an assist. 🙂

    It’s the MLK holiday weekend here in the US. I hope our Philosopher will find some time to write up something this time around.

    Have a great weekend wherever you all are on this WEB!

  21. Jeremy stepped up in the 4th quarter in the Mavs game, but he didn’t in the Pacers. (Was it due to the Pacers’ good defence?) Before, I think he was being inconsistent in scoring, now it seems to be more in his level of agressiveness. He made too few shot attempts today, when Harden was off and the team needed strong scorers that I thought he could be, like he was able to in the Mavs game. Hopefully, he’ll bring it more consistently and the team can bouce back–just don’t know how long the losing streak will be though.

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