Rockets Take Care of Business in Much Needed Win Against Portland (118 – 103)

Rockets and Blazers are pretty much tied in the standings, so tonight was a much needed win. And Rockets got an easy 15 -point victory. They lead the entire time. That’s a great confidence booster after dropping two heartbreaking overtime games to the Blazers earlier in the season. Games that they should have won. One of the two games, they lost because of Sampson’s big mistake of taking Lin out of the game down the stretch. The other, they lost after Lin essentially won the game with a heroic three-point play, but Harden inexplicably doubled Aldridge down low, leaving a wide open Mathews for a three-pointer that tied the game and brought it to overtime. I still haven’t forgotten both of those games. I was at the one in Portland.

Today had none of the excitement, which is actually great news for Rockets fans. It was good to win the game so easily, showing that the Rockets are clearly the better team and should have won both games earlier in the season. The Rockets are a much different team since those losses to the Blazers. A crisper team with more chemistry and trust in one another.

The guys knew how important tonight’s game was and they played that way. Harden, in particular, was unconscious all night long. Definitely one of his best games of the season. He couldn’t miss and he also managed to dish out 11 assists–just one short of his career high, which he had recently. In the first half he already had 20 points, 8 assists and hadn’t missed a shot. Harden’s really been taking it to another level lately. He’s become quite a play maker. Many people talked about his play making skills before, but I think it’s only recently that he’s really shown he can make plays like a floor general. Tonight, he played the role of the floor general. Before the game, he told the coaches that he wanted to go for a triple double, so he went out there and make an effort to pass the ball. He played phenomenally tonight. Scored 35 points (13 of 16 and 4 of 5 from three point), 11 assists, 7 rebounds, 1 steal, 3 turnovers in 37:47 minutes. He didn’t miss a shot until the third quarter. Lin had a good shooting game. He’s been shooting well, lately. But Lin was relegated to the shooting guard role tonight. He ended up with 16 points (6 of 10 and 2 of 3 from three point), 4 assists, 2 turnovers on only 26:04 minutes. Lin had an efficient game tonight and his shot is looking good these days. Hope that continues. See, when Lin has his shot, he should be able to get 15+ points every night no problem. McHale benched Lin quite a bit tonight, even though Lin did pretty well from the beginning, because I think McHale felt that Beverley was a better defensive match up against Lillard. And I can’t disagree with that. It’s not that Lin did a poor job on Lillard, but I thought Beverley really made Lillard uncomfortable. Lin started the game off well, again tonight. He’s been doing a much better job of being aggressive right at tip off, lately. So that’s great to see. As a Lin fan, of course I’m concerned if McHale is going to take more of the floor general duties away from Lin after tonight’s game, since Harden did such a great job of distributing the ball and Lin is doing a better job of playing off the ball. We’ll see.

Parsons had another solid game with 20 points (8 of 14 4 of 8 from three point), 2 steals. Asik had 13 rebounds/4 blocked shots and Patterson had a great third quarter scoring 12 points in that quarter and was a big factor in helping the Rockets put away the game. He ended with 16 points on 8 of 11 shooting and pulled down 6 boards. 2Pat is definitely playing more aggressively as of late. We’ll see if this continues. So pretty much all things were clicking with the starters  in tonight’s game. It’s a great thing to see as the Rockets have a very tough stretch of games ahead against Golden State, Clippers, OKC, Nets, and Wizards (they’re a different team with John Wall back). I think against all odds, Harden will finally get revenge on his former team. This easy win against Portland is critical to boosting the squads confidence as it faces some tough competition ahead. Had we lost the Portland game, it would have been a huge set back psychologically. So I’m really glad they won–especially in the dominant manner in which they won.


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  1. Yeah, I called it, didn’t I? 🙂
    Of course, I always predicted a Rockets’ win. Can’t lose with Lin on your side. In the end, I will end up right more than 50% of the time, I am sure.

    Wow, Harden sure has been playing out of this world. Lebron is the other off-the-planet phenom, in my opinion.

    While Harden is unconscious, the rest of the team is semi-conscious I would say. Everybody is playing well. The team is jelling. And they will peak by playoff time, barring injuries!

    I do not know what McHale has in plan for Beverly, but I am OK with Lin getting plenty of rest this time around. Lin started the game really well. The Rox never trailed and maintained a comfortable lead all the way.

    Lin rolled his ankled during practice before the GSW game. I noticed him limping a little toward the end of that game. Somebody said he was limping in the Heat game also. Lin is a fierce competitor, so he will play through pain and minor injuries. I think it fortuitous that Lin got some extra breather this time around.

    • Yep. You called it, MrPingPong! I was also very confident that we’d win this game and wasn’t surprised at all that we won it in easy fashion. I was actually expecting us to win pretty much exactly the way we won the game.

      I’m glad you’re happy about Lin getting some rest. Yeah, Lin was limping at one point in the Heat game. We had the game in the bag after the third quarter, so it was good Lin got the rest. I was actually expecting McHale to bench Lin the entire fourth quarter, since it wasn’t until the 5 or 6 minute mark that he brought him back in just for a few minutes before taking him out again during garbage time. McHale made a strange substitution when Douglas went down. Instead of putting Beverley in, he put Lin right back in, That didn’t make too much sense. Maybe he wanted to give Beverley some time to mentally prepare to be in the game or something. Not sure.

      Yeah, the team is clicking and we now have solid back ups for Lin and Harden. Hopefully, we won’t have another let down. I don’t think that we will, barring any key injuries, of course. The schedule going forward is very good for the Rockets. So things are looking very good. I think we could even sweep the entire month of April and go into the playoffs on a high note.

      • If my memory serves me right, Lin was getting ready to come back in before TD was down. I am simply speculating that McHale wanted to give Lin as much rest as possible before reinserting Lin into the line up. McHale, like all coaches, wants to win and Lin is part of the winning formula. Lin is the stabilizer! It wasn’t until Portland threw in the towel that McHale pulled Lin and Harden out.

        Watch out, Sacramento just beat the Jazz! The Kings game may be a trap game! Nah, Lin wouldn’t fall for that.

        PS: I am still slightly concerned about Lin’s ankle though. My son rolled his ankle playing basketball and limped for a week. The doctor took an X-ray, found no broken bone, and so did nothing. ‘Just take it easy and take ibuprofen for the inflammation,’ he said. I then took my son to a Chinese martial art master and ask for help. He popped my son’s ankle back into proper alignment and instantly my son could walk without pain. No more swelling after a day. True story!

        Happy Year of the Snake to ALL, wherever you are on this WEB!

      • That’s not how I remember it. Lin had just sat down for his usual first quarter rest when Douglas came in and Douglas soon got injured, so McHale just put Lin back in and then he soon took Lin out and put Beverley back in. I think it was kind of a panicked decision by McHale, since it was something that happened that he didn’t game plan for. He didn’t want to throw Beverley in after Beverley got taken out of the regular rotation. So the only guy he could think of was Lin.

        Yeah, Sacramento is a wild card team. They have the talent to be pretty good, but are just a dysfunctional team. But on any given night, they could play up to their talents and beat you. So it is a trap game for the Rockets. Just hope Rockets aren’t just thinking about the GSW game and overlooking the Kings. Hope they come out ready to play. With Utah’s loss, the standings are looking better and better for the Rockets. Also, the GSW have been losing ever since the Rockets destroyed them. But they’ve faced some tough match ups since then, so that’s probably the reason.

        Wow! Good thing you got a second opinion about your son’s ankle. He’s lucky you know a martial arts master. It goes to show you that you can’t always rely on machines to tell you what’s wrong with your body.

        Happy New Year to all!

      • Yep, trap game!
        We lost! 😦
        Kings played well though!

        Lin was too aggressive on defense and committed stupid fouls.
        I think it has something to do with the In-Out burgers he has been eating.

        Love the aggression on the offense though!
        Did you see that dunk?


        Joke aside, does anyone know if Lin is really chomping down these burgers?

        Seriously, that’s no athlete food.

        Onto the Golden States!
        Rox will win!

        It’s The New Year!
        Be Happy!

      • Kings played well and I thought Rockets played well. So in that sense, it wasn’t really a trap game. I didn’t think the Rocket played poorly. They came out to play. Just didn’t come up with the win. I wasn’t going to watch this game, but then gave in and started watching in the second quarter and when I saw that the Kings had a lead, I knew we were going to lose the game. But then we had like a 10 point lead or so middle of the fourth that evaporated in a hurry after Lin sat down. I was surprised Rockets managed to get a lead in the fourth, because I was sure Rockets were going to lose, but then when they got that nice lead, I thought Rockets were going to pull one out. But a couple of stupid plays by Harden (turnover and then fouling Salmons on a three point attempt) and then the game was tied just like that. It was a nerve-racking game that I wish I just stayed away from, like I had planned.

        I saw the slam by Lin and I’ve always wondered frustratingly why Lin doesn’t do that more. He can dunk the ball easily. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE DOESN’T DUNK MORE, rather than put up those reverse lay ins in transition that often get blocked or that he ends up missing. Lin needs to DUNK a lot more than he does. I mean, he had a bunch of dunks in college. Not sure why he thinks putting up layups is safer than dunking the ball.

        I thought Lin had another good game tonight. I was really surprised at all the fouls he got. I didn’t think he’d get into foul trouble…that was a big factor in Rockets losing the game. When Lin came out, our offense seemed confused. We relied too much on Harden and Kings did a great defensive job on shutting Harden down. Credit to the Kings, they did very well tonight–especially on a back-to-back. I think they were the slightly better team and deserved the win, but I didn’t think the Rockets played down or anything. Rockets still played pretty well. So it wasn’t a bad loss. We really need to get the Warriors again, though. Gonna be tough, since they’ll come out fired up to play, since they’ve been on a four-game losing streak and they want to get us back for embarrassing them. Rockets just need to treat it like any other game. Don’t worry about the Warriors, just play the game we know how to play.

        As for the In-N-Out…these guys burn so many calories that they can probably get away with eating anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin ate all that. I think he’s a pretty big eater.

      • I agree with you, Philosopher. The Kings played better last night, came up with clutch points and deserved to win.

        Yeah, I wonder why Lin doesn’t dunk more. His legs are back in full strength, so it seems. He was one of the leading dunkers in college. What’s stopping him? May be he wants to conserve energy? May be he does not want to showboat to much? Who knows?

        Lin uncharacteristically took himself out the game with a couple of really silly fouls. Lin will learn to play game with the refs, I am sure. Without Lin directing traffic, things look so hectic on the floor. Beverly just tried to do much without any real direction. For me, I feel certain calmness when Lin is running the floor. I have full confidence in Lin. McHale is coming around to the idea, I think.

        Now back to the Lin-n-Out burgers. I am no sports nutritionist, but greasy hamburgers and fries don’t seem to be the right kind of food for long term health and energy to me. Perhaps there are knowledgeable people in this forum that can educate us on this.

      • Lin is usually a pretty smart defender. So it was definitely unusual that he got into foul trouble. Of course, he got some bum foul calls from the refs, but that’s so routine that it’s just expected in every game. Every game, Lin still gets bum calls or bum non calls. Had Lin stayed in the game, we would have won, because the momentum was all on the Rockets side when they secured the 10 point lead, then Lin came out of the game. Isiah was quiet up until Lin came out of the game.

        Beverley did a pretty good job, I thought. Then Beverley started deferring to Harden down the stretch and I think that’s when our offense got stagnant. I’m the same with you MrPingPong, I always feel like there’s more stability and calmness when Lin’s running the offense. Beverley is good, but he freelances a bit too much. I still like Beverley much better than Douglas. With Douglas, I feel like there’s no point guard at all. Beverley is a great ball handler. He’s just still new to the offense and such, but I think Beverley definitely has the talent. The other big reason for the loss is how many second chance points Rockets gave up. That was pretty ridiculous.

        As for the In-N-Out, I’m no expert, but I do work out and lift weights regularly and from the little research that I’ve done on the subject, I know that there’s like a 45 minute window or so after lifting weights, you can eat junk food and it doesn’t get stored as fat (it’s one of the rewards of lifting weights), because it all goes to rebuilding your muscle. Same goes with sugary foods (i.e. donuts). In fact, you need to have sugars in your body after lifting weights to restore certain chemicals (not sure if that’s the proper term), such as glycogen. That’s basically what all those post-workout drinks are for. From the picture, it looked like Lin had just finished working out or practice or something. But most likely, Lin just had a craving for some “home cooking”. I’m just an amateur, though, so have no idea if this info is correct. I think in general, Lin needs to stay way from the fast food.

      • I hope TD can come back from injury soon. I like TD on the floor with Lin. Lin makes TD look really good with Lin setting him up for these corner treys.

        Lin is probably feeling good being back in the SF Bay Area with all the California “home-cooking” right now. May be more chicken wings.

        SF Chinatown has the best Cantonese cuisine, while Berkeley has the best Mandarin cuisine, in my opinion. I am not sure how suitable these restaurants foods are for peak athletic performance though! 🙂

  2. On a jeremylin fan site, people are unhappy about the fact that he was benched for that long, coming in so late in the 4th quarter–he had to leave since it was soon garbage time, which appeared quite awkward to me. Indeed, with Harden beginning to pass the ball more, Jeremy’s role as PG could be further reduced. Frankly, I’d assume anyone with the baketball skills of Harden already has what it takes to be a good enough floor general–as long as he looks to assist, like Lebron James and Kobe playing PG. So I’m left to wonder what Jeremy’s advantages are. It seems that he’ll just have to keep improving his shooting to be a more efficient player to win over his coaches. It’s difficult for him to reach Harden’s level now, but I’d hope he can at least shoot as confidently as Parsons and be as agressive in offense.

    • Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see what role Lin will play on this team. These days, positions aren’t as fixed. A lot of players can play multiple positions and switch off and I imagine that’s what’s going to happen with Lin and Harden. They’ll continue to switch off and take turns being the floor general. It wasn’t until the most recent games that I can see Harden also being a good floor general. Before, he was looking to score more than pass, but now, I think he’s looking to do both. This new Harden will make the team better and if Lin can continue to shoot well, Lin can also thrive. We’ll see.

  3. If the benching is all for JLin’s good then I would’t mind it.
    Yeah, saw him limping a bit.
    Hopefully, he is all okay now.
    @Mr. PingPong, about the true story..yeah, i believe you 🙂

    Kung Hei Fat Choi to all!!

    • It looks like Lin need no martial art master to pop his dislocated joints back into place. He can do it himself. Linsanity indeed!
      Seriously though, a human being can only take so much damage to the body.

      • Ha ha. Yeah, MrPingPong, it’s definitely concerning that Lin takes that much damage. Hope his trainers are looking out for him.

      • One YouTube poster commented that the Sports Center anchor in the ad should have been SAS. I think that would have made it a hilarious ad if it was Lin dictating to SAS I used to work in advertising. That’s for sure what I would have done if I was working on that ad.I’m sure the folks at Wieden & Kennedy (the famed shop that did the ad) thought of it, as well, but they probably couldn’t get SAS to sign on.

      • That would have been a real coup to get SAS to sign on!
        Does SAS have a sense of humor?
        I dunno.

  4. Thanks for the link, MrPingPong. Nice interview. Lin seems really happy. Remember when Lin looked uncomfortable on the court and such? Looks like Lin is finally getting into his groove. He’s had a string of consistent solid games as of late, so things are looking up for Lin fans. I’m hoping that the absence of Lin against the Kings will make McFale (I always thought the “McFail” thing was pretty funny, but haven’t used it here, but maybe I’ll pepper it in here every now and then when McHale really screws up, but I prefer to just change one letter, the “H” to “F” in his name) realize how valuable Lin is to this team once and for all. I doubt it, but regardless, I think Lin should start being more and more consistent from now on, barring any injuries.

    Speaking of injuries, I just learned that Harden is day-to-day due to sore knee. Maybe we’ll see some Linsanity in the Warriors game. That Warriors game is critical. We really need that win. There should be lots of Lin fans in the stands, as it’s his hometown and it’s also Asian Heritage Night.

    Good thing the All Star Break is coming up, so Harden can rest his knee. Maybe this means Harden won’t be in the All Star Game. I hope he doesn’t risk further injury just to play in the All Star Game.

  5. Harden is tough. I think he’ll be OK. Guys like Harden and Lin are so competitive, they play through pain and all. Up to certain point, one must learn to listen to the body and stop and let it heal though. I really want to see LinHarden play for a long time in the NBA.

    I ran across this video on basketball with Red Auerbach, Larry Bird, McHale, etc.

    McHale was a great player. But coaching takes different skills. I think McHale is learning faster these days. As long as the Rox money boys are healthy, the Rox should make the playoff this season. If it does not, I would put the blame squarely on McHale. I am rooting for McHale to succeed because I want the team to succeed.

    • I’m sure the Rockets will make the playoffs. My only question is where they will end up in the standings. The thing the Rockets have going for them is that they have a much easier schedule going into the playoffs and the team is clicking, so they’re on the rise–barring any major injuries to key guys.

      In the pre-season, I thought they had a good chance to make the 8th seed. When I heard about the Harden trade, I didn’t hesitate to say that they’re a LOCK for the playoffs. Every analyst still had the Rockets finishing out of the playoffs, which was totally ridiculous to me, because this team is much better than last year’s team and last year’s team nearly made the playoffs. A lot of analysts even predicted that they’d win like only 30 games or so, which was so stupid. Analysts really don’t have a clue a lot of times, because they don’t follow any teams closely. They only see the general stuff. I didn’t hesitate to say the Rockets are a lock after I found out about the Harden trade, not because I was being a fan. I just knew what this team could be with Harden and Lin in the back court. I still feel the same way. To me, it’s not a matter of whether or not they make the playoffs. It’s just a matter of what seed. I still think they have a good shot at making the 6th seed (in fact, I think that’s where the Rockets end up). 5th seed is still a long shot, but not out of the realm of possibility. A lot of things can happen between now and the playoffs. Some teams will fall and others will rise. For example, I think Dallas may end up making the playoffs, even though they’re pretty far out of the picture at the moment. And I don’t think you can count out the Lakers, as much as it would make my day if they didn’t make the playoffs. I’m still waiting for Portland to go away. And I don’t really know what to make of the Jazz. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens to Memphis without Rudy Guy. Who knows what other surprises may occur before the trade deadline.

      • I was pretty confident that the Rox would make the playoff in the beginning too. But after I saw what Sampson did with Lin, I wasn’t so sure for a while. Having said that, I think KM is getting the hang of coaching a bunch of young and extremely talented players now. I am more optimistic now.

        A sixth seed would be nice. Nobody wants to play against OKC or SAS in the first round. Come to think of it, nobody wants to play against the Rox in the first round either.

    • Wow! Thanks for the link, CH. I didn’t have a chance to read the entire post, but very good stuff. I’m sure the refs have a wager every game to see who can hold out the longest in calling a foul when Lin gets hacked. There’s definitely some twisted stuff going on with these non-calls when Lin gets hacked on drives. Probably lots of wager going on surrounding Lin. I’m sure of that.

      • Here is the analysis of a fan from other blog:

        Dick Bavetta was the chief referee…. Before reading the following excerpt, I want to point out in the first 2.07 minutes of the 4th Qtr (9:53 left), the Rockets’ mostly bench players (no Harden or Lin) went on a 6-0 run to increase their lead by 10 points to 94-84. Lin entered with 9:53 left and just 5 seconds later Lin got a foul; then just 1 min 50 sec after that, Lin got ANOTHER foul (his 5th foul, so out to the bench); Lin re-entered with 3:36 left, but just 56 seconds later Lin was called for another foul (his 6th foul; 3 fouls on him in the 4th quarter)….. Not counting And-1 or intentional fouls at the end, the Rockets were assessed a total of 5 fouls (ALL “drawn” by Isaiah Thomas !!!) , starting when they led by 10 points (1 offensive foul plus 4 shooting fouls: 3 went to Lin and 1 to Harden). On the other hand, during the same time span, the Kings were assessed ONLY 1 shooting foul and 2 non-shooting or non-turnover fouls !!! No wonder the lowly Kings “won” the game by 6 points.

    • Thanks for the link, CH. Yeah, it’s going to be electrifying tonight. If Harden doesn’t play, which is looking more and more likely, then the stage is all set for Linsanity 2.0. He’s playing in his hometown, playing in a familiar arena in front of all his people. The stage is set. Now Lin just needs to get out there and play his heart out. Lin usually performs well under the spotlight in big games. So he should do well tonight–especially if Harden is out. Hopefully Lin plays aggressively and looks for his shot. I’d be disappointed if Lin doesn’t have a great game tonight. If Harden is out, Lin should score 25+ with 10+ assists. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Lin got a career high tonight. If Harden’s not out, Lin should score 20+ with 6+ assists. Lots of expectations for me out of Lin in this game, so of course, I’ll probably be let down. Hope the pressure doesn’t get to him. Playoffs standings-wise, it’s a very big game for both teams. The problem is, Warriors have extra motivation to win and the Warriors apparently have the best crowds in the NBA, although, I have no idea if that’s true. For tonight, at least, it’s going to be playoff atmosphere and then some for sure. Hope this young Rockets team, who’s still pretty bad on the road, can withstand the crowd rooting against them. I do expect a lot of Lin fans, though (it is Asian Heritage Night+Lin’s home town), so hopefully that will counteract some of the hometown crowds.

      • I am pumped for this game, though not as much as I was for the Knicks game at MSG last December.

        Lin will boss and break the hearts of the GSW fans.


      • Looks like Harden is playing. So no full blown Linsanity tonight. Hope this game turns out to be as “boring” as the Blazers rematch that was so anticipated. Just Rockets taking care of business in workmanlike way.

      • Yeah, as expected, Harden will play with some degree of soreness. These guys are very competitive. A little pain won’t stop them. I am sure it’s nothing serious.

        Let’s go, Rox!

  6. I know the rockets beat GSW but I still feel like Lin lost. He’s the starting PG, getting paid 25million to play 29min? It has nothing to do with resting him for tomorrow night’s game against the Clippers. It has nothing to do with injuries. If you’re a young, foundational piece to a team, you play however many minutes it takes to win the game. Why does Parsons get the benefit of the doubt to play through his mistakes/TO’s but Lin doesn’t?

    Why are Lin’s 4th qtr minutes dependent on how bad his back up does? Lin came back in this game after the team had gained a sizable lead; all the work had been done and he came in like he was the back up to Beverly.

    I just don’t understand his role on this team and what they want from him (besides mchale’s shitty comment from earlier today).

    It’s just depressing. I can’t be as optimistic as some of you. Help me understand what is going on…

    • Hello CW, did you read/listen to Lin’s radio interview? Lin sounded content if not happy. I am happy for him. I enjoy watching Lin play for the Rockets no matter what. The forever Lin-optismistic me predict a Rockets win tonight.

      Lin will boss!


      BTW, haven’t heard from EMZ for a while. He (she?) is supposed to go to this Clippers game from what I remember.

  7. OK, so Lin was knocked around pretty viciously and not getting much help from the whistle blowers. And they are calling some really bogus fouls on Lin as of late. I am not sure, as a fan, what I can do here. This reminds me of why I quit watching the NBA a while back.

    I am not into conspiracy theory stuffs, but it seems like there is an agenda in the NBA circle, players and refs, to attack Lin in whatever way they can. Are these guys trying to help out the Lakers catch up here? Let’s see what transpires tonight between Clippers and Lakers. My call: Lakers will win because of helps from the refs. I hope I am wrong.

    Lin seemed to be limping again toward the end of the game. He took so many hard falls being whacked by NBA thugs. His right wrist and elbow were pretty banged up. I know Lin will ignore the pain and play through minor injuries. Harden is the same way, I believe. But Harden gets superstar calls and superstar protection.

    A lot of fans are calling for Lin to “fight” back with force. I don’t agree. I am in the opinion that violence begets violence. Lin must and will find a way to finesse his way through all of these acts of violence and hates against him and rise above them all. This is what Linsanity is all about.

    I watch the NBA again because of Lin. In the end, Linsanity will triumph. Yes, I am that optimistic.

    The Rox will not be playing for a week. I am taking a break from NBA actions too. I hope Lin will be able to go fishing and relax and come back totally rejuvenated and peak by playoff time.

    Have a great ALL-STAR break, Lin Fans, wherever you are on this WEB.

    • Angry and frustrated!!! Don’t understand why McFale pulled Lin out after his 2 fouls in the first quarter. He had 9 points and was driving hard. After a turnover in the 2nd quarter, McFale yelled hard at Lin, showing impatient and no respect at all. Lin was never the same after that. He became tentative, not trying to make mistakes, and got banged up by the vicious thugs. Same here, Mr PP, if it is not Lin, will quit watching NBA. Sigh…

      • I think it was good that Lin got pulled after two fouls. The way the refs have been making bogus calls on Lin in these last few games, I think it was a wise move by coach KM. The unwise non-move coach KM made was leaving Lin in the game with about 3 seconds left in the second quarter with the ball in the Clippers’ possession, resulting in Lin getting a bogus 3rd foul.

        As to KM yelling at Lin, I personally think people make too much out of it. Coaches scream and yell all the time at their players. Lin is not a child. He can handle all that. Lin is not the kind of players that get frazzled by trivialities like that. The reason Lin could not do much in the second half was because he was physically banged up and his teammates were unable to make good out of those wide-open look treys Lin created for them. The shots weren’t falling for the Rox last night. The officiating was bad: blatant fouls not called, bogus fouls called, basket interference not called, etc. Lin and Company were able to stem the tide in the second half but did not have enough to turn the tide around.

        So we lost. No problem, let’s take a break, go fishing and come back full steam next Wednesday!

      • Mr. PP, wish I was as optimistic as you are, always look at the bright side and see things positively. As a Lin fan, just hate seeing him being treated unfairly and unjustly. PERIOD. Sigh…

      • Hello CH, allow me to talk like an old man here (all my children are in their early twenties, Lin’s age group). Negative thoughts/feelings are bad for your well-being.

        Though I do not know much about Lin, I bet you anything that he does not dwell on the negatives at all. If he does, he would not be this good, this far along in his young career. I bet you anything all the bogus calls and non-calls, all the unjust/unfair treatments, that kick he got in the stomach last night, he doesn’t think about them any more.

        Oh, yeah, being human, I am sure he got mad/upset and all. But very quickly he manages to rise above them all. There is not a single trace of hate in Lin’s heart. Everything about him is positive. That is why I am so optimistic about this young man.

        Here is a bit of a positive news: X-ray shows Lin’s right hand/wrist is OK. Lin says it still hurts; but a little pain is normal in this case. No broken bones means the healing will be fast and in time for some good fishing.


      • Ah yes, that “solipsistic” article! Thanks, CH.

        I love that background photo of Lin and the Knicks fans!
        Everybody -young, old, male, female- was cheering and going Linsane!
        That guy who is holding the sign “You are the Lin beneath my wings”, doesn’t he look kinda like the author himself?
        I like what the author has to say: “I’m willing to be the last one out the door, to turn out the lights of Linsanity after everyone’s gone home.”

        I am smiLin…

      • Ha, pingpong indeed! Thanks, CH, for the link. Here is my take on it, just for the sake of making light-hearted conversation.

        Morey can play. His movements are soft and smooth. His serve is quite nasty and deceptive. With a subtle adjustment of the wrist on the serve, Morey can impart on the ball a back spin or a top spin. Morey can basically put the ball where he wants with his serve. Most of the time, he serves to Lin’s backhand and then follows up with a strong and fast forehand drive.

        Someone has to tell Lin that his fast forehand serve is illegal. Lin appears stiffer than Morey. Lin has good reflex and a powerful forehand, but a weak backhand.

        Morey is being diplomatic say that with practice Lin would beat him. From what I see, even with a beer belly, Morey will beat Lin every time.

        Have a great weekend!

  8. It’s pretty hard being a Lin fan. Yesterday, totally unlike last year’s Valintine’s Day, was full of frustration, anger, and depression, and all those negative feelings still linger–in me. It seems it’ll take a Jeremy’s good winning game for me to get over with. I find the Clippers despicable–they were the stronger team yet resorted to such cheap shots. Jeremy was just being aggressive, like those acclaimed point guards, but he gets fouled so hard and frequently, and they don’t seem to–well, I could only judge from the games they played against the Rockets, and the decent Rockets players didn’t commit hard fouls.

    I know we should try to stay positive and optimistic, for our well-being, as Mr. PingPong wisely suggested. However, what’s happened is worrisome enough–Jeremy will recover from this time’s injury, but it’s scary to think about what might occur in the future. Some fans have suggested making a compilation of videos of fouls on Lin and put it online. I hope they really do.

    • Need to make a clarification: in Asia, the Rockets played against the Clippers on Feb. 14, but in the USA it was Feb 13. So Feb. 14 in the USA this year remains a good day for Jeremy, as he officially launched his Jeremy Lin Foundation. Reading the news and looking at the pictures have made me feel much better already—let’s move on, like Jeremy has!

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