Kevin McHale is Just a Jeremy Lin Doubter. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

I just posted a video on my Jeremy Lin Channel. It’s a very long discussion about the whole McFale/Lin dynamic. Some of the things I say in the video, you’ll be familiar with if you’re a regular reader of this blog. There are some new insights, as well. Overall, though, I think it’s much more compelling when I’m able to actually play clips that I reference and that’s the luxury of making a video. If you enjoy the video, please feel free to spread the word. I’m hoping that, by putting my discussion of the McFale/Lin dynamic on YouTube, I am able to expose the message to a wider audience. So would appreciate any help I can get in this effort. I’m posting the video here for your convenience, but you can also go to the JeremyLintel Channel to view it:


20 thoughts on “Kevin McHale is Just a Jeremy Lin Doubter. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

  1. Mr. Philosopher, thank you for putting up a thorough analysis on the McFale/Lin dynamic. Thumbs up!

    As a Lin fan, the most frustrating part is Mchale does not recognize Lin’s strength and downtones everything he has achieved. Plus he treats his players with double standard. He’ll not criticize JHarden when he made a mistake but shows his frustration with the same mistake that Lin made.

    The way he benched Lin in many 4th Q games is like a punishment. His decision to bench Lin is so inconsistent, irrational and so without trace. He is more than a doubter, he is a stubborn doubter. Sometimes his willful stubbornness to refuse putting Lin back in 4th Q costs ROx a game. Don’t understand his rotation logic at all.

    Will not have any expectation/hope he’ll help develop Lin gamewise, and confidencewise. Lin is tough. He always plays against adversity in his career. He will continue to improve/polish his game. I like Lin’s favorite quote,”suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Go Jeremy!

    • Thanks for the thumbs up, CH! Really appreciate it. That video was not easy to make. It took a lot of time to find all the videos and then piece them together. It was also a pain to upload them on YouTube then finding little mistakes here and there. I had to convert the video like 6 times or so before I finally got it right and each conversion takes like an hour or so. That’s why it took so long for me to finally put it out there. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it for the next video, though. Just all a learning experience. Overall, I enjoyed making the video, though, and felt like it was a video that needed to be made.

      Yeah, McHale’s management of Lin’s minutes is very erratic, as well as Asik’s, for that matter. He does let Harden get away with a lot of mistakes, which is understandable, but is overly harsh on Lin when Lin actually makes very few mental mistakes.on the court. I mean, imagine if it was Lin who was the one who went down to double Aldridge in that Portland game to leave a three point shooter wide open for a game tying three? McHale would be all over Lin for it, as well as Rockets fans. That’s what I’ve noticed. Lin’s mistakes get magnified. If Lin presses and turns the ball over like Harden, everyone would be all over Lin’s case. He would be ridiculed so harshly. There is definitely a double-standard when it comes to Lin. There is also a double standard in how McHale treats his guys. For example, Delfino can do no wrong. No matter what Delfino does, McHale has full confidence in Delfino, because he’s a veteran. I see Delfino make a number of poor decisions on the court in a lot of games and he is also very turnover prone, because he tries to be a Point Guard more than he should.

      To quote McHale, “Lin will be fine.” It’s true. No matter what happens, Lin will find a way to make the best of the situation. So I’m not too worried about Lin. Besides, just over a year ago, Lin didn’t even think he would be in the league.

  2. Really appreciate your work on stitching out all pieces together and show how McFale fails to win the game, most of the time.

    All I wish is Lin to stay in NBA as long as he’s capable and find his niches. Last year Knicks was an opportunity for him to shine in NBA. This year, with a Coach problem. I do think all NBA teams don’t like the idea of making Asian player as their franchise player because NBA is the place where Blacks are dominant. That’s why now Rox is building Harden as their franchise player. He has to hold the ball. That’s why he’s getting almost no blame while Lin’s mistake got tons of criticism, even from Coach.

    Regarding McFale comment on “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here.”, there’s no Coach in NBA will mention on their players, either they’re young or old. There’s no excuse publicly criticizing (Not even critiquing) your players for any reasons at all. If he thinks Lin is still a young player, then I would say Harden is even more younger player, comparing Lin’s 24 and Harden 23 years old. NY tabloid is just a tabloid. But to publicly criticizing your player is nothing more than showing off your inner doubt on THAT player to the public.

    Last night game against GSW, Harden got 2-15 while he had assist 9? He’s always on the floor while Lin’s making 3-5 got bench frequently. It’s simple. If Parson shots 3 consistently, it’s either Harden pass the ball or Lin pass the ball, either one of them will get the number in Assist. If you let Harden hold the ball, of course even when Harden’s shooting tons of bricks, his accidental pass to Parson will count as Assist while Lin’s watching from bench gets none. I don’t buy the comment by McFale on “Feeling happy and excited in 4th quarter by Lin while getting benched, from his friend Parson draining 3 pointers.” This is NBA. Lin is PG. There’s no way Lin comes to the NBA arena and feeling happy for his teammates. He strived to come to NBA to play the ball. Not to feel happy from the bench. Why don’t he bench Harden if he feels happy for his teammates winning the game.

    Decision making? Not to be racist, but almost all Black players, they’re only good at colliding, bumping, showing their athleticism due to their stronger physique. But decision making? Look at the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan buying up Bobcats? And look at who’s got the most NBA champion ring in his hands? Phil Jackson.

    Not that I’m in doubt every move McFale did. But the fact that his pre-game, post-game, his comment clearly shows his prefixed mindset on Lin. There’s no way to change.

    To put it simply, Lin as a starting PG on the floor is patchy display of Rox showing off his PG to the favor of those Asian fans. That’s all. Coach is not developing Lin to his best level.

    • Thanks, Reo! I appreciate the kind words about my video. Harden is a great player and deserves to be the Face of the Franchise. But Harden should not be the floor general. Lin is more of a true facilitator than Harden, but McHale somehow fails to recognize this. I think the Rockets organization (i.e., Morey and Les) believe in Lin. So Lin isn’t just some player they brought in to appeal to Asian fans. I think they genuinely believe in his PG skills. McHale just has a hangup about Lin that he’s unable to shake, but I doubt that McHale will be fired, because he’ll get a lot of credit for taking the youngest team in the NBA to the playoffs. I think McHale deserves some of the credit, but I also think any old coach would have been able to do the same with this young talented squad. I think a lot of people are giving McHale credit, because they didn’t give this young squad full of Jeremy Lin’s (i.e., Parsons, Asik, and even Harden) enough credit for their talent. A lot of analysts were blinded to the talent of this young squad, so they predicted them to finish out of the playoffs. I was one of the few people who put it on the line and said that the Rockets are a LOCK to make the playoffs back in the beginning of the season, because I believed in the talent that a lot of analysts were blinded to. So now, because of their blindness, they’re going to give all of the credit to McHale, unfortunately. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve any of the credit, because he does. But I think the job he’s done is a little overblown. He has made many critical in-game mistakes and not utilizing certain players and over-using others, etc. that cost Rockets games.

      I do think the Daily News quote was taken out of context to stir up controversy. But, regardless, I believe I know what McHale meant by it.

  3. Watched the whole 42:34 of your Youtube video, Philosopher. I gave it a Like and put a short comment there. In case you do not know, you video has made to Clutchfans! Is it good or bad? I dunno… 🙂

    • Thanks, MrPingPong. Being a regular reader of this blog, I’m sure you were bored through most of the video…but you made it! Thanks for watching and for the like! I’ll look for your comment on YouTube.

      That’s great that it made it to Clutfhfans. The more places the better. I’m not bothered by the haters or doubters comments. I’ve been there. Done that. So I’m not sensitive to what they say. I welcome disagreements, so long as you come up with thoughtful responses. Otherwise, I just ignore the comments. So the more places my video is exposed to, the better. My crazy goal is for this to somehow get in front of McHale so that it can be a mirror for him to look at or at the very least, get in front of one of McHale’s people or something.

      • Having posted a few videos on Youtube myself, I know how time consuming it is to try to do a good job there. Moreover, I really appreciate people who can write. It’s not easy to think and take the time to methodically layout one’s thought. My guess is your educational background has a lot of “liberal arts” flavor to it.

        Keep up the good work, Philosopher! There is a non zero probability that your videos and writings will get to McHale and Jeremy Lin some day! 🙂

      • Thanks, MrPingPong! Yeah, I guess having a Yale liberal arts education doesn’t hurt, but I like to think that I could write and think before attending that venerable institution. Ha ha. I was big into Philosophy in high school and enjoyed philosophy courses in college, but didn’t major in it. Maybe that helps with the logic. But I think it’s more about just being open minded and really appreciating dissenting view points. I’m big on growth and I think one of the ways to grow is to learn new things. And one of the ways to learn new things is to accept that you don’t have all the answers, to be open to view points that contradict yours, because if you shut your eyes and plug your ears to anything that goes against what you think or believe, then there’s ZERO chance for growth. (That’s really what my Jeremy Lin Haters/Doubters are Like the Flat Earth People post was about. I was trying to open people’s eyes.) So I take dissenting opinions and lay them all out for myself to see which has validity and filter them through my, admittedly, subjective view point and just stringing them all together in a coherent manner for others to digest. Thanks for recognizing the effort, as usual, MrPingPong! I think I’ll tweet Morey the video.

      • Ha ha, while you are at it, Philosopher, tweet Morey to ask if he has any advanced stats on coaches! 🙂
        Lin is arguably the most scrutinized NBA player at this point in time. And as a by product, McHale has become the most scrutinized NBA coach this season. McHalesanity anyone? 🙂

      • Ha ha, MrPingPong. You’re right. I guess everything surrounding Lin is going to be scrutinized, including his coach.

  4. Very helpful analysis. The perspectives expressed helps me to understand what happened in the game. Jeremy will learn through the hard knocks, this is part of his character.

  5. Thank you for your video analysis.. I’m just glad that ppl see the same thing I see… I watched EVERY Rox game this season… Here are my comment.

    1. I have no problems with McHale being critical of Lin, if he would do the same of Harden.
    2. Harden is one of the worst defensive player on Rockets and does not play to McHale’s move it strategy, so why haven’t I seen any games where McHale yells at Harden for his dumb turnovers?
    3. That away game against Denver… It was clear that Rox had success EVERY time Lin dribble penetrated and surveyed the paint… Even Denver commentators mentioned that Lin’s success was going to give Rox the win like Ty Lawson did to Rox week before in Houston. Now, I don’t have basketball coaching experience, but I do have a very high IQ which helps me spot patterns quickly. But what I saw was that if Rox just had to do same thing with Lin and they would win easily. Yet, some how McHale takes Lin out earlier than usual.. This is why I want McHale to be fired. He can’t even see something that someone like me who never had coaching experience can see.
    4. McHale doesn’t like his young players to pad their stats? Harden clearly stayed in the game too long for a couple of blowout wins. One of the games within last 2 weeks, TV showed McHale asking Harden if he’d come out..but Harden refused to at the end of 3rd qtr… When the win was pretty much sealed already. If McHale is the no-non-sense type of coach, why does he allow Harden to be governed by a separate set of rules?
    Again, I really have no problems with a critical you said it has its advantages. But just make sure the coach applies it to everyone.
    5. McHale stresses defense yet the only ones who give consistent effort are Parson Asik and Lin. Why doesn’t he yell at or bench Harden when Harden lets his man back door him or does not play good d? I really want to compare Harden’s opponents game score against their season average. I’d bet who ever Harden guards usually have a better game then their average. This negates Hardens scoring prowess…most basketball fans just look at all the points a star player puts up and forgets about all the scores the allow.

  6. Oh yeah, one more thing… Lin’s ability to keep dribble alive thru paint while he surveys with his great court vision, is Lin’s number one talent and skill. This is not something that can be easily had… Something Harden doesn’t have … And only a few good to great point guards like Stockton, Nash, Parker, and Paul also have. For a coach to not see and embrace this?? FIRE HIM!!

    • Thanks for a very detailed comment, Goodag. I agree with all your points. What I’m most concerned about is whether Lin has the freedom to keep his dribble alive at times. As for firing McHale, one thing to keep in mind is what coaches are out there and would they be any better. I don’t know that answer to that. One guy I’d like to see coaching this team is Jerry Sloan. He coached Stockton, so he should have an appreciation for Point Guards. But with Lin, there’s always the “doubt” factor. Just don’t know how Sloan feels about Lin and I’m not even sure if Sloan is available. The crazy thing is, there actually aren’t that many good coaches out there. You’d think that there would be more, since it’s such a desirable job, but I can’t really think of too many good coaches that are available.

      The thing that McHale does have is the player’s trust and I think he has great chemistry with the players and has a strong ability to communicate with them and get through to them, overall. These are things that are tough to measure and tough to find.

      • There is only one coach that believes in Lin 100%, and that’s D’Antoni. Everyone else is a Lin doubter in my Lin-biased opinion. Even D’Antoni did not see anything in Lin before Feb. 04, 2012. He had Lin played a few minutes against the Celtics in the Feb. 03 game and then took him out and put Tony Douglas in. D’Antoni, just like all coaches (and scouts) before him, saw little in Lin at that time. Here is a link to that Knicks @ Celtics game, in case you haven’t seen it.

        As we all know, it was out of desperation that D’Antoni play major minutes with Lin in the Nets game on Feb. 04, 2012. After that game, D’Antoni became a Lin convert and gave the ball to Lin, but could not convince Carmelo to play, and we all saw what happened!

        I am in the same opinion as the Philosopher that McHale is slowly coming around to Lin. Being an NBA HOF player does not necessarily translate into becoming a great coach. But I am willing to give McHale the benefit of a doubt. The key factor is whether or not Harden and the rest of the team believe in Lin. It seems like they are coming around to it too.

        Harden cannot carry the team on his own, neither can Lin. Basketball is a team game, and the team with players and coaches that believe in one another will triumph. I am optimistic the Rockets will become such a team because Linsanity is contagious and resistance is futile.

        OK, I’m preaching to the choir here. Let me go re-watch, the Feb 04, 2012 Knicks vs Nets game. It serves as an appetizer to every Rockets game this season.

  7. I did not watch the full video, but As a Lin fan I am extremely frustrated by the coach’s decision. Kevin does not trust Lin at all as he has not been giving Lin enough minutes and consistently bench Lin for the 4th quarter. It is just sad to what happened to Lin. Hope Lin will find a way to play more effectively.
    Thanks for putting all this together

    • I feel you, chris. I wrote a ranting post about tonight’s game and McHale’s horrible management of player minutes. Man, just when I thought McHale learned something. He’s got some weird condition in which he is so fixated on Lin’s mistakes and overvalues every little good thing that Beverly does. It’s disturbing.

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