Nice Read on Jeremy Lin’s Character

Another great article from Jason Friedman of, my favorite writer of Rockets-related issues by far. This one is worth a read for Lin fans who appreciate Lin’s character.

Beyond Linsanity
After the fairy tale, Jeremy Lin’s journey more meaningful now than ever

Jason Friedman


4 thoughts on “Nice Read on Jeremy Lin’s Character

  1. I find it kind of rude that you posted the whole article, it encourages people to not go to the site itself, and he needs the hits.

    • You’re right emz. I wasn’t thinking. Was just trying to make things convenient for readers, here. I deleted the text of the article and just kept the title and the link. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for the link, Mr. Philosopher. Jeremy is a man of action–he’s living his beliefs. That’s why he’s so inspiring. And his being such a sweet person makes him all the more endearing. Just like Mr. Friedman pointed out, Jeremy deserves to be admired and cared for what he stands for and what he is as a person.
    By the way, I’m glad to see Jeremy delivered it in Taipei and has been doing great so for in the preseason games. How I wish he had started last season like this! Dwight had a poor game today; I even felt he didn’t do better than Asik. Will he end up having a worse season statistically? I hope he won’t.

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